Friday, 1 December 2017

Wonder Movie Reflection

WALT: Write a Reflection on a movie we went to watch today at the Sylvia park hoyts which was called Wonder.

Today we went to the movies to watch Wonder,We went to watch this movie because in the past 2 terms we have been reading the novel of wonder,and today we went to see it in real life.The thing I enjoyed the most was just seeing everything my teacher said in the book come into the movie and also I liked how august tryed his best to overcome his fear of been sean differently than others in public.My favourite part of this movie was seeing how summer said that quote,if you ever had to choose between kind or being good always choose kind and that was my favourite part of this movie.What are the key messages in this movie too me I think one of the key messages was when via told august before he went off to school was if they stare at you let them stare at you because you can't blend when you were born to stand out so that was my key message from this movie.I learned something special when I was watching this movie and that is, everyone is not the same and that is ok because everyone has something unique within themselves.And this is from me if you get the chance to go to the movies and watch a movie go and watch wonder because that will really inspire you to accept people for who they,Malo and pleases leave a comment.

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Monday, 20 November 2017


Today for KiwiSport we were outside on the school grounds practicing in this sport called Run,Jump,Throw.But to begin with our lesson we played a warm up game called dodgeball,in this game we had two teams and the am of this game was to get people out from the other team by trying to throw the ball at them but not towards their head.And if you got hit from the ball you have to go and sit out of the game after 5 minutes of that we moved on to the focus sport of the day shot-put.Before we started our coach was explaining to us the rules and the safety of this sport.

After he was done talking to us we got into shot-put, first you put the shot-put under your draw-line and then you put your front arm straight pointing at where you want the shot-put to land at.After learning all of that I wanted to try it so I went for my first attempted and it was pretty good for my first throw in a long time after I went for a couple more then it was time to go back to class.My challenge today was trying to control where my shot-put was going so I need to work on that but today I think I did a great job trying my best to play a sport I don't really play.

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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

✌️Mate Ma'a Tonga beat Kiwis in RLWC 2017💯

IALT: Write a Reflection about Tonga's historic win over the Kiwis last week on Saturday.

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Mate Ma'a Tonga have beaten the Kiwis 28-22 at Waikato Stadium on Saturday night the 11th of November 2017 to become the first ever tier-two rugby league nation in history to beat a tier-one nation in rugby league test footy .This game was the game everyone was looking for,Because this was Tonga's best squad ever with the big names of the NRL playing for their parent's home land.Tonga came back from a 16-2 half time score to win their pool game in style.The Kiwis were in full control at half time but Tonga's big forward pack and their outside backs doing what there best at they dominated the second half,scoring four amazing quick tries.But the Kiwis were not done yet with Roger Tuivasa-Sheck crossing over the line to put worried faces on the Tongan crowd,Soon after David Fusitu’a sealed the win with his hat-trick try and the result at the death.The win was good because Tonga will now head off to Christchurch for their quarter-final against Lebanon,while the Kiwis will now head into the capital city  Wellington to face Fiji,And if they beat Fiji they will also likely need to topple Australia in the semi-finals.I hope you learnt a little about what's happening in the Rugby League World Cup right now,Malo and Please leave a comment Please leave a comment.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

🤗Tapa Cloth design🤓

IALT: To write a reflection about what we did for our Tapa Cloth design. 

Yesterday was my first back to school in a week because I was really sick but I was really happy to be back at school because I really missed the boys.Yesterday we were working on our Tapa Cloths because we are going on Friday to this art place in pakuranga.Firstly we got a piece of paper then we had to fold it into 4 pieces and in the 4 pieces we had to draw what home looks like to you and then draw what family looks like to you after that then you had to draw what your interest looks like to you and finally draw what church looks to you.Something I found challenging was that I to find something to draw in the spaces.Image result for tapa cloth
This is just a photo of what a Tapa Cloth looks like.

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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

👌Mate Ma'a Tonga😍

IALT : Write a reflection about Tonga's all star team for this up coming Rugby League World Cup.

Last week there was a big shocker to the rugby league world as two of the best rugby league players Jason Taumalolo and Ander Fifita turn down the Kiwis and Australia to go and play for Tonga.The pair’s move to shun New Zealand and Australia has earned mixed responses from both sides of the Tasman, as they joined the likes of New Zealanders Manu Ma’u, Sio Siua Taukeiaho and David Fusitu’a at Tonga.And also some of the players from the Kiwis and Australia called there move to Tonga disrespectful and poor but at the same time its heart warming because they wanna give back to where they come from and playing for Tonga will really mean a lot to Tonga and their families in Australia,New Zealand and also in the Kingdom of Tonga.So this week the side will be playing Toa Samoa on Saturday the 4th of November in New Zealand at Hamilton stadium .Something I felt challenging from this task is that I had to find more information about what happen so I had to do a little research,I hope you enjoyed reading and I really hope you watch the game and support our boys as they go off to battle.Image result for tongan  2017 rlwc

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Thursday, 14 September 2017

🙏Bible Studies😇

IALT : Explain what I have done for my bible studies.

Hi today I started to work on my bible studies,In this bible studies class their is 7 boys init,so there is Sifa,Kiko,Gary,Matthew,Toma,George,Sene, and myself about 3 weeks ago we decided to create a bible study class because lately myself and the boys in the group were making wrong choices inside and outside of school.And I truly know that this will help us because it will remind us that every move we make and choices we make in this world our heaven father can see it and also there are consequences.So we need to make better choices,So today our Teacher told us to go and find our favorite bible verses and put on to a DLO and my favorite bible verses was from John and I also put the Tongan verses of my bible verses on it to.Tomorrow I will be working on writing why is this bible verses my favorite one and also how am I going to show it at school.Thank you and Please leave a comment,Malo.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

All Blacks beat Argentina✌️

IALT : Write about how the All Blacks beat Argentina on the weekend.

On Saturday night our mighty All Blacks were taking on Argentina as the rugby championship was truly somebodys title to win.The game was taking place down at Yarrow park,New Plymouth,I was not watching the game when it was live because I was at a family meeting so I was not happy about that but when I got home I got to watch the highlights of the game.And also I just found out that the All Blacks have maintained their 100% record in their rugby championship,After Beauden Barrett was sin-binned both sides were level in the scoreboards 22-22.But the best rugby team in the world found a way to win at the end of the game 32-22 full time score,In my point of view Vaea Fifita was my player of the game because he was working hard and also he was showing the All Blacks coach that he deserves a spot in the team,and the win means the All Blacks are at the top of the rugby championship table.I really cant wait for the All Blacks next game this weekend against South Africa,Thank you and Please leave a comment.  

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