Friday, 1 December 2017

Wonder Movie Reflection

WALT: Write a Reflection on a movie we went to watch today at the Sylvia park hoyts which was called Wonder.

Today we went to the movies to watch Wonder,We went to watch this movie because in the past 2 terms we have been reading the novel of wonder,and today we went to see it in real life.The thing I enjoyed the most was just seeing everything my teacher said in the book come into the movie and also I liked how august tryed his best to overcome his fear of been sean differently than others in public.My favourite part of this movie was seeing how summer said that quote,if you ever had to choose between kind or being good always choose kind and that was my favourite part of this movie.What are the key messages in this movie too me I think one of the key messages was when via told august before he went off to school was if they stare at you let them stare at you because you can't blend when you were born to stand out so that was my key message from this movie.I learned something special when I was watching this movie and that is, everyone is not the same and that is ok because everyone has something unique within themselves.And this is from me if you get the chance to go to the movies and watch a movie go and watch wonder because that will really inspire you to accept people for who they,Malo and pleases leave a comment.

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